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Since 1938, we have worked every day to guarantee our customers the widest and most accurate selection of women's and men's footwear and accessories, suitable for every occasion and need.
mission & vision
mission &vision
To give an edge to your wardrobe… and to your mood.
We don't just suggest outfits that suit you or choose the perfect pair of shoes with you: we want you to have fun. We want to change your mind and get you to choose something you never thought would suit you. We want you to open up to a world of possibilities and discover the best version of yourself
We do it in store, when you come and visit us in person, but also online thanks to our WhatsApp consultancy service and through our website, with a very careful selection of shoes, bags and clothing.
our history
our history
Our story began in 1938, when Giovanni Bidon, Roberto's father and Stefano Bidon's grandfather, began making clogs and selling them at the markets (with a donkey and a cart) together with his wife Palmira.
But Giovanni and Palmira were born salesmen and much preferred trade to craftsmanship: so, right from the start, they pushed their business in this direction.

In 1975 the second chapter of the story began: Giovanni, together with his son Roberto and his wife Marisa, opened the first Bidon store in Fossalta di Portogruaro.
Commitment, tenacity and love for work encouraged growth: thus, the first extra-family hires began.

One hire after another, in 1998 the team expanded to the point of needing new headquarters: we packed our bags!
This is the year we moved our shop on the main road and the breakthrough year: the work increased dramatically and the name Bidon began to spread to the neighboring regions too.

So much so that in 2013 we moved again! At our home, where we are now.
After many years of experience in the sector, we deserved a special location: a place where natural and artificial light highlight the carefully chosen materials and enhance the details of the products we offer.

And so, welcome to Bidon!